Commission Management


No matter how complicated your commission schedules may be, our powerful commission module provides the flexibility and functionality you need to track and pay commissions accurately and on-time. This module provides unique calculation tools, giving users the ability to automate their commission processes. Commissions are automatically synchronized to accounts receivable collections, as well as any adjustments that are flagged to affect commissions.


Whether commissions are calculated at the invoice or line item level, or if you pay your sales representatives at time of invoice or collection of payment, you have the ultimate flexibility. This function-rich application operates in real time with all applicable modules. Here are some of the top features that our customers use every day:

– Ability to support multiple commission methods:

  • Fixed – based upon a fixed amount per quantity sold
  • Margin – based upon margin percent or margin dollar amount
  • Sales – based upon the invoice or line item sales amount
  • Total – based upon a period total either sales or margin

– Flexible commission payment methods:

  • Pay on pay full (payment due when your customer pays in full)
  • Pay on pay partial (payment due based upon percentage of payment received)
  • Pay immediate (payment due when customer invoice is generated)

– Integration with Accounts Payable for paying outside (1099) vendors or contractors.

Additional Features

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of other features available:

  • Ability to setup a default salesperson for all reps eliminating timely maintenance functions
  • Commissions based upon invoice or line item
  • User controlled A/R adjustments to affect commissions
  • Omit/Inclusion capabilities through commission rule setup
  • Commission rules for the following types:
    • Customer class
    • Item class
    • Customer number
    • Customer/Item combination
    • Customer/Item Keyword combination
    • Customer/Item Class combination
    • Item Keyword
    • Item Number
  • Multiple break levels for
    • Profit margin calculation
    • Profit margin percentage calculation
    • Line item sales amount calculation
    • Sold Item quantity calculation
    • Total Sales per line item period calculation
    • Total Quantity sold per period calculation
    • Total sales per period calculation
    • Total Margin per period calculation
  • User defined commission adjustment codes
  • Commission adjustment entry per salesperson
  • Commission adjustment entry per invoice
  • Split commission support
  • Commission report by invoice
  • Commission report by line item
  • Non-commission report
  • Commission report reprint
  • Commission inquiry
  • Field sensitive help text
  • Integration with third party reporting tools w/ODBC compliance