Accounts Payable


The Accounts Payable module provides you with the flexibility and control you need to manage a variety of activities related to your vendors/suppliers. All transactions provide screen-sensitive help, allowing users to become proficient quickly. Extensive search capabilities, provides simple access to vendors, invoices, general ledger accounts, terms and all other critical data. Multiple vendor invoice entry modes permits fast-path transaction processing and integration to the purchasing module.

With high-function, low-cost laser printers becoming the standard in business forms production, we’ve given you the option to print your AP checks on a single-sheet laser check form.

With multi-currency support, we’re ready to handle your foreign exchange. With any currency there can be the need for more than one disbursing bank account; this module provides the necessary controls for all bank accounts used to run your business.

The Accounts Payable module gives you full visibility to the transactional data with interactive inquiries and reports.  Our drill-down searches provide quick answers from vendor to voucher, for both open and historical transactions.

Vendor Inquiry has everything that you would want to know about a vendor; payment information including aging, last payment dates, terms and much more. Drill down to invoice, check and purchase order detail. Maintain vendor notes and get vendor contact information.

Our team will customize the accounts payable module to meet your specific needs, Request a Consultation to learn more.

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This module provides deep functionality and a rich set of useful features:

  • One time vendor support
  • Run past of future aging reports
  • Accounts payable to purchase order matching
  • Extensive vendor activity inquiry
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple bank support
  • Comprehensive vendor notes
  • Laser or dot matrix check printing formats


Additional Features:

  • Manual check processing
  • Multiple invoice entry methods
  • Partial payment support
  • Prepaid Invoices (check and invoice entered simultaneously)
  • Quick check print (prepaid invoice or manual check)
  • Multiple vendors associated to single ‘Remit to’
  • Multiple vendor search methods
  • Void or Reverse AP checks
  • Open payables inquiry
  • Open payables inquiry by company
  • A/P Check Inquiry
  • Invoice Selection for Payment by Vendor, Due Date, or Discount Date
  • Vendor History Report
  • User defined hold codes for invoices and/or payments
  • Multiple check register formats with user defined parameters
  • AP Inquiry by vendor, by Invoice, By PO, By Inv date
  • On screen remittance and Check view
  • AP Check renumbering and reprinting
  • Multiple Accounts Payable general ledger numbers supported via Vendor classifications
  • Daily or Monthly Cash flow inquiry
  • 1099 Invoice eligibility and reporting
  • Historical view/print accounts payable groups
  • Ability to process customer refund via Accounts Receivable
  • User controlled integration with commission module
  • Held Invoice report
  • Bank reconciliation program
  • Bank Reconciliation report
  • A/P History by General Ledger report
  • A/P Subsidiary Ledger detail report
  • A/P Subsidiary Ledger Balancing report
  • Vendor Listing report
  • User defined vendor classifications
  • User defined vendor purchase requirements via Vendor maintenance
  • Auto application of vendor credits against existing debit invoices
  • Date based historical transaction data requires no month end processing
  • Unlimited General ledger distributions per vendor invoice
  • User defined summary or detail General Ledger posting
  • General Ledger account search during invoice entry
  • Ability to reprint/renumber check prior to posting